What we do

Workshops are our primary mode of interacting with our community. From info sessions at our offices at Cre8 Space to offsite corporate team-building sessions.

Prototyping is at the very heart of Design Thinking. At TDI we host hackathons to enable designers, creators, individuals, enthusiasts create prototypes.

As the awareness of the need for design thinking grows, space opens up for us to inform the broader discuss of design methodology in industry.

Innovation often happens in the seams, in the in-between space where different disciplines coexist. This is why TDI welcomes creatives of all kinds.

Designed as an experiential and hands-on package for corporate clients, this program comes in two flavors – accelerated and comprehensive.

We strongly believe in putting our money where our mouth is. And to this effect, we want to create, nurture, and build design-driven companies.

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