As Design Thinkers, we use an iterative approach to solving problems as it makes feedback from the people we’re designing for a very important part of how a solution evolves. As we continue to iterate, refine and improve our work, we put ourselves in a place where we’ll have more ideas, try a variety of approaches, unlock our creativity and end up arriving at successful solutions quicker. Gaby Brink, the founder of Tomorrow Partners preaches the joys of iterating, stating, “By iterating, we validate our ideas along the way because we’re hearing from the people we’re actually designing for”. We iterate because although we are geniuses, there is the possibility we won’t get it right the first time. Or the second. Or perhaps, even the third. Iteration allows us to explore, get it wrong, follow our hunches, but finally arrive at a solution that will be adopted and ultimately embraced.

Instead of hiding out in our workshops, or our offices, hoping that our idea will become a hit, as a Design Thinker, you quickly get out there, and let the people you are designing for be your guide to your solution, because at the end of the day, we iterate because it allows us to keep learning.