What exactly is empathy?

Its the capacity to step into other people’s shoes, to understand other’s lives, and start to solve problems from their perspectives. Design Thinking is based not only on empathy alone, but it still remains an important factor. Empathy is the idea that the people you are designing for, creating for, are your road map to innovative solutions. By putting ourselves in the shoes of the person we’re designing for, human-centered designers can start to see the world, and all the opportunities to improve it, through a new and powerful lens.

By immersing yourself in another world, it does not only allow you to be open up to new creative possibilities, but you also leave preconceived ideas and outmoded ways of thinking. By empathising with people you are creating a product or service for, you truly grasp the context and complexities of their lives, but also keep the people you’re designing for squarely grounded in the center of your work.