Design Thinking is inherently optimistic. To take on any challenge you have set yourself you need to be able to believe that progress is not only an option. It’s your only option and if you didn’t believe that, you wouldn’t even try.

Optimism is the embrace of possibility and the idea that even if the answer isn’t right at her fingertips, we know that it is out there, and we can find it. Optimism not only drives us to push on when we hit dead ends, but it also makes us more creative with our solutions. Approaching your challenge from the perspective that you will get a solution creates drive and energy to motivate you through even the most difficult of problems.

Remember to persistently focus not on the obstacles that may get in the way, but rather what could be. Constraints are always inevitable, but they can sometimes push you in a direction that you might not have seen before. The main key is always to have the thought that every problem is solvable and you’d find yourself at a solution before you even know it.