When Katie McCrory finally became tired of London she realised she’d become tired of her life as it was, so she redesigned it. She explains how to life hack your way to happiness.
From The Guardian, 13th August 2015.

Twice a day, like clockwork, an accordion player outside my flat strikes up his wheezing repertoire of three songs. As I write, he’s performing a rather jaunty version of La Vie en Rose. Again. This is my new soundtrack, having recently moved from London to Copenhagen; a process that was a long time in the thinking, and a short time in the actual doing.

‘Why Copenhagen?’ every single person I meet asks. Here’s the sanitised stock response I tend to reel out: It’s quite hard living and working in London, so I thought I’d try somewhere new and Copenhagen looked pretty cool.

But here’s the real answer: I used design thinking to change my life.

Before I continue, I want to assure you that this is not an article about some wishy-washy ‘breathe your way to happiness’ guff, or pseudo-psychology masquerading as a silver bullet to overnight success. This is about looking at some of the processes and methodologies you might use at work to get stuff done, and applying them to the rest of your life.

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