Design Thinkers always begin from the place of not even knowing the answer, to the problem they’re looking to solve. Corporate culture can be sometimes to focused on being the first one to the right answer which, to be honest, is not a particularly comfortable place to be. You always need to start at square one. By doing this you’re forced to get out into the world, and talk to the people we’re looking to serve. You get the chance to open up creatively and to pursue lots of different ideas, and to arrive at unexpected solutions.

By embracing ambiguity, and by trusting that the design thinking process will guide you towards an innovative idea, you give yourself permission to be fantastically creative. You need to believe that there will always be more ideas, and not allow yourself to cling onto ideas any longer than we have to, because you know, that you’ll have more.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, the ambiguity of not knowing the answer actually puts you in a good place to innovate. Think about it this way; If you knew the answer when you started, what could you possibly learn?

Embracing ambiguity frees you to pursue an answer that you may have not actually initially imagined, which puts you on the path to routine innovation, and long lasting impact.