Design Thinking is a unique approach to problem solving, one that can occasionally feel more like madness than method. However, you should feel that way. You rarely get to new and innovative solutions if you already know your destination. With design thinking, you are able to learn directly from new people, open yourself up to a breadth of creative possibilities  and then finally target on what is most desirable, feasible and viable for the people you are designing for.

You will find yourself shifting through the gears, moving from concrete observations to highly abstract thinking, and then right back to your prototype. You diverge. Then you converge.

By going really big and broad as you start to find ideas, you dream up all kinds of possible solutions. The goal is to then identify what among that constellation of ideas, has the best shot at really working You’ll continue to diverge and converge, but with each new cycle, you’ll come closer, and closer to a market ready solution