What we do


Workshops are our primary mode of interacting with our community. From info sessions at our offices at Cre8 Space on 6 Agoro Odiyan to offsite corporate team-building sessions with clients such as The CBN, Wapic, TGI Group (CHI Ltd), and Financial Derivatives – workshops are a crash course on design thinking methodology applied to an individual or a company’s most pressing needs.


Prototyping is at the very heart of Design Thinking. At TDI we host hackathons to enable designers, creators, individuals, enthusiasts create prototypes. Our hackathons are not limited to software and hardware hackathons. We aim to host industry specific hackathons and also other hackathons to drive innovation and iterative prototyping in fashion, food, building.

Industry Events and Conferences

As the awareness of the need for design thinking grows, space opens up for us to inform the broader discuss of design methodology in industry. It also means we get to invite collaborators from across the globe to come present their work in Lagos. From showcasing cool new technology to hearing stories of how design thinking has informed the creative processes of companies and educators around the world, these events will deepen our role as a hub of innovation in Africa while opening the door for collaboration never before imagined.

Random Acts of Design (RAD)

Innovation often happens in the seams, in the in-between space where different disciplines coexist. This is why TDI welcomes creatives of all kinds. At any point in time, you’ll find musicians, fine artists, filmmakers, clothiers, chefs, and who knows what else! We want to be a place that welcomes creators of all kinds and nurtures their drive, ambition and contribution to our shared story. It is as lofty as it sounds.

You never know, watching someone work on a song or movie might spark a solution to issues you’re facing at the factory, at the office, or the classroom.

Product Development

Designed as an experiential and hands-on package for corporate clients, this program comes in two flavors – accelerated and comprehensive. In both cases, you go through the life cycle of taking a product from idea to market. The accelerated program is a workshop that can be completed in under 4hrs while the comprehensive experience takes 10 weeks. During this time, you’ll work with the TDI coaches to go from idea to launch.

Startup Incubation

We strongly believe in putting our money where our mouth is. And to this effect, we want to create, nurture, and build design-driven companies. We are raising an incubator fund to seed companies that have compelling value propositions.